We Are Excited To Announce Our In Person

20th Annual SLP Institute

Monday, February 28 & Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Full Breakout Session Schedule for Tuesday, March 1, Coming Soon

Glacier Canyon Lodge Conference Center at the Wilderness Resort, Wisconsin Dells, WI



Wired Kids: How Screen Time Affects Early Child Development

This seminar examines the impact of screen time on early child development to guide early childhood educators and pediatric therapists as we live and work in the digital age. In our media manic world, young children are spending more and more time in front of a screen and less time playing and interacting with others. For early childhood professionals, it’s not just a matter of being “pro-technology” or “anti-technology,” but rather what is appropriate and necessary for young children with developing brains and bodies. Participants will gain powerful evidence-based information on how screen time is affecting development of play, language, social, and motor skills. Guidelines on how to share information with parents regarding establishing healthy screen time habits at home will also be addressed.

Building Executive Function Skills Through Play-Based Learning

Language and executive function skills are interdependent―one cannot develop without the other. This course provides insight on how to facilitate development of language and executive function skills through play-based learning. Being able to plan, organize, inhibit responses, follow multi-step directions, stay focused, complete tasks amid distractions, be resilient, engage in non-preferred tasks, delay gratification, and be a flexible thinker are skills that set young children up for success in school and in life. Research shows that executive function skills develop most rapidly between ages 3 and 5, making high-quality early childhood services critical for optimal growth and development.