Sue Sexton, M.A., CCC-SLP

5-Minute Kids: An Individual Drill-Based Program for Children with Speech Sound Disorders

5-Minute Kids is an alternative program for providing services to students with speech sound disorders through short, individual drill sessions. This program requires little planning for the professional and minimal time of of the classroom for the student. This session will address how to implement the program, how to organize student data and ideas for activities and drills for the five minute session. Documented results of the success of this program will be shared.

About the Presenter

Susan Sexton was a school based speech-language pathologist in Lapeer County Michigan for 34 years before retiring in 2011. Susan created the 5-Minute Kids program in 2002 and has presented seminars in several states. She is the author of 5-Minute Kids: An Individual Drill Based Program for Students with Speech Sound Disorders, 5-Minute Therapy: Activities and drill lists for the 5-Minute Kids program and the 5-Minute Games CD.